Hudson Pride Parade 2017 in Pictures

The always colorful, Pride Parade took place yesterday in Hudson. The OutHudson parade began with Grand Marsha, Justin Vivian Bond, and ended with the Poke The Bear party and Big Dipper performance at the Half Moon.

Following are pictures from the parade and party.

Grand Marsha, Justin Vivian Bond


Grand Marsha, Justin Vivian Bond and Matthew Camp

Big Dipper Performing at the Poke a Bear party


All photos taken by Jeff McKinney and Seth Davis

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Jeff McKinney is a Realtor in Columbia County, NY. Connect with him on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.

2 thoughts on “Hudson Pride Parade 2017 in Pictures”

  1. Thank you for the colorful glimpses of the Hudson Pride Parade. I am 1200 miles away in Florida but it’s encouraging to know the Pride spirit burns brightly in little Columbia County.

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