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Hudson Hall Announces Winners of Winter Walk Window Decorating Contest

Winter Walk 2022 Window Decorating Contest winning window by Jack Dylan at 441 Warren Street

Hudson Hall is proud to announce the winners of the 26th Anniversary Winter Walk Window Decorating Contest. Creativity, color, and Hudson’s signature imaginative flair won the day with the many unique and beautiful window displays on show throughout December. Produced by Hudson Hall since 1997, Winter Walk takes place on December 3 from 5-8pm.

The anonymous judges were so impressed, the list of awards is extensive and effusive with praise. Of the many awards, the number one spot went to illustrator and graphic designer Jack Dylan’s beautiful train-themed display (also awarded the “The Night Before Cliffmas Award”) at 441 Warren Street. Meticulously handmade, the little winter scene includes an embroidered “cat-skill” mountain backdrop, an ornate wooden bridge, and a model train with copper rivets.

Runners up included Lisa Durfee’s stunning dollhouse display at 524 Warren Street (also cheekily named as the winner of the ‘A Humble Hamptons Holiday Award’), and Winter Walk Decorating Contest stalwart, Red Dot Restaurant and Bar (321 Warren Street). Red Dot also received the ‘The Rudolph Red Award’ for their sumptuous velvet-laden display that, as the judges applauded as “what dining in a Christmas present is like”.

“Hudson’s holiday windows are always a highlight of Winter Walk each year, and this year is no exception” says Hudson Hall Executive DirectorTambra Dillon. “From classic to cheeky, minimalist to over-the-top fun, Hudson’s independent retailers have gone above and beyond.”

For more information about Winter Walk 2022, visit or phone (518) 822-1438.


2022 Winter Walk Window Decorating Contest Winners List:

Best of the Best:
Jack Dylan, 441 Warren Street

Runner Up:
Lisa Durfee
, 524 Warren Street

Special Mention:
Red Dot Restaurant & Bar
, 321 Warren Street
In order of geographical location, with judge’s notes:

The Rosery Flowery Shop, 128 Green Street
The McQueen Woodland Collection Award
“This is the post-apocalyptic holiday at its most extravagant”

Red Dot Restaurant & Bar, 321 Warren Street
The Rudolph Red Award
“This is what dining in a Christmas present is like. Having dined in, I can say I felt properly packaged.”

Antigo, 337 Warren Street
The Caitlyn Jenner Basement Award
“The sense of an enthusiast’s basement. Sexy skier. Something kinky in the air.”

The Flow Chart Foundation, 348 Warren Street
The Personal Is Political Award
“Poetry is not a luxury—but dismantling the master’s tools is.”

Westerlind, 419 Warren Street
The Forbes Highest Paid Mannequins Award
“A successful cross-country ski outing in the alps with the Westerlind family.”

Hudsontricity, 428 Warren Street
The If You Give A Mouse A Mushroom Award
“The rodents pulled out the red, green, and the hay for this one. What is Santa’s secret?”

Little Rico’s, 437 Warren Street
The Flamingo Bells Award
“Flamingo bells, flamingo bells, flamingo all the wayyy!”

Henry (in Hudson), 438 Warren Street
The Basketed Brownian Motion Award
“Difficulties joyfully abound, and aren’t the holidays about stomaching many stories at the same time? Tastes and ideologies sit together in a basket and we are better for it. Besides, we all have secrets, too!”

441 Warren Street
The Night Before Cliffmas Award

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We are preparing for holiday lift-off!”

Ornamentum Jewelry Gallery, 506 Warren Street
Most To The Point Award

Favreau Design, 521 Warren Street      
The Ruth Bader Ginsburg-Claus Award 

“For not only Santa Claus will judge you but also these scales. And they have determined that everyone gets presents. Just some get heavier presents.”

Lisa Durfee, 524 Warren Street 
A Humble Hamptons Holiday Award
“Get lost in the cozy holiday you wish you were having. Walking down the stairs with the stiff elegance only a doll can muster.”

Battle Brown, 528 Warren Street
The Barnum & Bailey Bananza Award
“While the fortune teller takes a bathroom break, the monkeys in the canopy make the most of the clearing.”

Bodhi, 543 Warren Street
The Dreamworks Award for Gnome-Owl Diplomacy
“We have owl sanctuaries! Our quality of life is better! I can see when we live together!” She performs on her stage, demonstrating her way of life with great diligence. The owls help her see.

STAIR Galleries, 549 Warren Street
The Confident Coniferous Conspirators Award
“Here we have the quiet conspiracy of lampshades planning their infiltration of the coniferous oligarchy. So confident and clear! I think they can do it.”

Modern on the Hudson, 555 Warren Street
Most Polite Houseguest Award
“Your friendly clipart, eager to help, patiently waiting on you. A most unobtrusive digital butler, bashful with romance. Will you sit here?”

CVS, 617 Warren Street
Most Convenient Award
“We’re really matter of fact here, and within arm’s reach, despite this difficult high horizontal window, the longest mantle ever. Evokes a parade or a firing squad.”

Front Room Gallery, 727 Warren Street
Most Likely to Monologue Award
“I don’t even question why there is a chair on the pond because of course you would want to sit on your little stage of ice. Or maybe the chair was learning to skate and is taking a break.”

Vasilow’s, 741 Columbia Street
The Home Sweet Home Award
“Nothing says home for Christmas more than multicolored icicle string lights. Momma bear will take care of you.”

Download images of contest winners here.


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Unofficial Election Results from November 8

The Columbia County Board of Elections site shared unofficial election results for the General Election at 11:16 pm on November 8th. At that time, several hundred absentee and affidavit ballots remained to be counted. Here are those results:

General Election, November 8, 2022
Governor & Lieutenant Governor
Kathy Hochul & Antonio Delgado15,613 
Lee Zeldin & Alison Esposito13,438 
NYS Comptroller
Thomas DiNapoli (DEM, WOR)17,056 
Paul Rodriguez (REP, CON)11,668 
NYS Attorney General
Letitia James (DEM, WOR)15,948 
Michael Henry (REP, CON)12,850 
U.S. Senator
Charles Schumer (DEM, WOR)16,287 
Joe Pinion (REP, CON)12,472 
Diane Sare (LAR)77 
Representative in U.S. Congress (19th C.D.)
Josh Riley (DEM, WOR)15,598 
Marcus Molinaro (REP, CON)13,263 
NY Supreme Court Justice, 3rd Jud. District (3 elected)
Heidi Thais Cochrane (DEM, WOR)14,892 
Sharon Graff (DEM, WOR)14,678 
Meaghan Galligan (DEM, WOR)14,589 
Thomas Marcelle (REP, CON)13,491 
NY State Senator (41st S.D.)
Michelle Hinchey (DEM, WOR)15,438 
Susan Serino (REP, CON, IND)13,285 
Member of Assembly (106th A.D.)
Didi Barrett (DEM)11,228 
Brandon Craig Gaylord (REP, CON)8,132 
Member of Assembly (107th A.D.)
Scott Bendett (REP, CON)5,752 
County Clerk
Holly Tanner (REP, CON)17,939 
County Coroner (2 elected)
Michael Blasl (REP, CON)17,308 
Hudson – Member of Common Council (3rd Ward)
Amber Harris (DEM)341 
Ancram – Town Justice (2 elected)
Catherine Redlich (DEM, REP)631 
Suzan Flamm (DEM)380 
Richard Novik (REP)371 
Austerlitz – Town Council
Christopher Schober (DEM)703 
Claverack – Town Justice
Michael H. Brandon (REP)1,660 
Kinderhook – Town Council
George J. Graham (REP, CON)2,788 
Livingston – Town Council
Fred Conte (Write-in)257 
James Kelly (Write-in)152 
Stockport – Town Justice
Malcolm G. Smalley (REP, CON)746 
Taghkanic – Town Justice
Robert Prochera (REP, CON)327 
New York State Prop 1 (Environmental Bond Act)
New Lebanon – Prop 1 (Highway Superintendent)
Hudson – Prop 1 (Ward Boundaries)
Hudson – Prop 2 (Library Funding)
Claverack – Prop 1 (Library Funding)
Kinderhook – Prop 1 (Library Funding)
Chatham – Prop 1 (Library Funding)
Germantown – Prop 1 (Library Funding)



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Ruth Piwonka Scholarship Award Recipient Olivia Dumont

Photo By Michael Molinski

The Jacob Leisler Institute for the Study of Early New York History is pleased to announce it has selected Olivia Dumont, a graduating senior from Ichabod Crane High School, Kinderhook, as the 2022 recipient of the Ruth Piwonka Scholarship. Olivia demonstrated both passion and dedication to the study of history through her submitted essay which was supported by a strong letter of recommendation and an outstanding high school transcript. Given the strength of her application, the board decided that Olivia was the candidate of choice for receiving the award. The scholarship, in memory of Columbia County historian Ruth Piwonka, will help to further Olivia’s education at Middlebury College.

This scholarship is given annually in memory of Columbia County historian Ruth Piwonka, Trustee Emeritus of Jacob Leisler Institute, who passed away in August 2021. Former executive director of the Columbia County Historical Society, 1976–1983, and author of numerous works on Columbia County, Ruth was Kinderhook Village Historian at the time of her death. Her affiliations in Columbia County were broad, covering school districts throughout the county. The scholarship is open to students in the school districts that Ruth affected.

Donations to the Ruth Piownka Scholarship fund may be made to the Jacob Leisler Institute, PO Box 86, Hudson NY 12534. For further information contact the Jacob Leisler Institute:

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Final Day to Vote for Best Of Columbia County 2022!

Today is the final day to cast your vote in the Best of Columbia County contest for 2022!

The Best of Columbia County™ is a Reader’s Choice Contest that allows county residents to make their voices heard in deciding the “best of the best” in a broad field of over 50 categories. Winners will be announced during a red carpet-style show, to be held June 2, 2022 and presented by the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce and Columbia-Greene Media.


or visit

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COVID-19 Update from Columbia County Health Department

Following is the latest update from the Columbia County Department of Health.

For comparison, following is last week’s update:

For more info, visit

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