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Great Article in The New York Times About People Moving North of NYC: ‘Forget the Suburbs, It’s Country or Bust’

There was a great article in the December 14, 2018, Real Estate section of The New York Times, titled Forget the Suburbs, It’s Country or Bust by Brooke Lea Foster. The article takes a look at people who have left the city, and in many cases Brooklyn, behind and moved north. Continue reading

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Hudson Winter Walk 2018

Winter Walk is an annual Hudson celebration that brings upwards of 20,000 people to town. Continue reading

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ECLECTIMANIAC Events – The October 2018 Show

This is the place to get more info on the events we discussed on the ECLECTIMANIAC Radio Show for October 17, 2018. Continue reading

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Tonight is Our Monthly ECLECTIMANIAC Radio Show on WGXC

On this month’s ECLECTIMANIAC Radio Show, we’re getting in the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve with a special pledge drive edition of the show exploring “the night”.  Continue reading

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‘Picardy’, a New Album from Ben Smith

If you were listening to The ECLECTIMANIAC Radio Show on WGXC last night (September 19, 7 – 9:30), you might have heard our interview with musician, Ben Smith. Ben spent some time with us to answer questions and discuss his new album, ‘Picardy’. Continue reading

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