Nassau Free Library Partners w/ Field-Goods for Weekly Local Produce Delivery

The Nassau Free Library has partnered with the local produce delivery service, Field Goods, to establish the library as a pick-up location for locally-grown fruit and vegetables. Every Thursday, Field Goods customers can pick up their bags of local produce at the Nassau Free Library.


Field Goods is a year-round, local produce delivery subscription service. Customers select their preferred bag size, which range from the Single person subscription for $16 (about 5 items), and go up to the Family size subscription for $32 (designed for 3 to 5 people). Subscriptions can be put on hold at any time. Field Goods, is located in Athens, NY, and purchases directly from over 80 small farms in the region. All of the produce is non-GMO, and most is organically grown.


Click “Order Now”
Choose “Nassau” from the drop-down menu
Click the “Find Location” button
Choose “Nassau Free Library” and follow the prompts

The Nassau Free Library is located at 18 Church St., Nassau, NY 12123 


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