Lucille Ball’s First Hollywood Home for Sale



The Home’s Historic Past

When Lucille Ball left NY for Hollywood in the early 1930’s, she rented the 1,874-square-foot bungalow at 1344 N. Ogden Drive. At the age of 22, Ball had just signed a contract with RKO Radio Pictures, so the actress moved to CA with her family, including her mom and brother. The group lived in the rented bungalow until Ball eloped with Desi Arnaz, and moved into a Beverly Hills mansion.

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom bungalow with palm trees in the front yard was built in 1919, and is located in the heart of West Hollywood’s historic Spaulding Square neighborhood. This area is comprised of many Colonial-style bungalows developed between 1916 and 1926. The current owner has lived in the property for over 20 years and has done extensive renovations to the home while still preserving its old-world charm,and ties to Ball.

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Make An Offer

The home is listed at $1.75 million. The listing agent is Rhonda Kohn of Keller Williams Realty.


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