What A Waste

I came across the following two pictures on one of my favorite design blogs.

Unfortunately, and with respect to the blog’s author, for me, items like the two above symbolize everything that is wrong with our society. Louis Vuitton garbage bags and gold platted rubbish pails that cost $10,000 (yes for real) are decadent on an Ancient Rome scale and we all know how well that story ended. I think I’d rather install a vomitorium in my kitchen before purchasing one of these items. Even before the recession, I had a hard time accepting trash cans that cost hundreds of dollars. Its a can with only one purpose – to hold your garbage. It’s not supposed to be a conversation piece or the sparkly icing on your design cake.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having a beautiful home filled with nice things but it’s hard to stomach spending tons of money on something designed to be thrown away or to temporarily hold your garbage when there are people in our town and cities eating out of trash cans on the street.

About Jeff McKinney

Creator/Editor of ColumbiaCountyCurrent, Lover of Happy Hour, NY REALTOR, World's Best Uncle, Movie Buff.
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