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Kylie Minogue Inspired Kinect for Xbox

Check out this Kylie Minogue inspired Kinect.

This Swarovski crystal-studded Kinect was designed by PlayBling in conjunction with Kylie Minogue’s European tour, which started last month. The Kylie Kinect is valued at $1,242 and although you can’t buy one, you can win one by submitting a video of yourself dancing to Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” in the game Dance Central.

I’m still not entirely sure how you submit your video or if this is contest is even open for non-European countries. What I do know, is that I’ll be rehearsing with Dance Central in anticipation of a similar US contest when Kylie’s tour arrives on our shores later this spring.

«cocon» armchair

The «cocon» armchair was conceived by Les M (Céline Merhand and Anaïs Morel) and is described as an “armchair for resting which fulfils maximum snuggling up pleasure for extended TV sessions.” Beyond it’s obvious suggliness, I think this chair has real safety benefits for people who frequently fall asleep while sitting in chairs. The enveloping and ultra-soft cocon will keep them from sliding or falling onto the floor.

I didn’t see any information on where to buy «cocon» armchair or if it’s even available but you can see more pictures on super-ette.com.

Say Goodbye to Ugly Betty with a Look at Some of the Stylish Sets

This week marked the end of the TV series, Ugly Betty, with the final episode airing on Wednesday (April 14, 2010). I’m really going to miss this show and not just because of the amazing cast portraying some of the most original, creative and hilarious characters to ever appear on tv. I’m also going to miss the beautiful, over-the-top, and inspiring sets! Take a look at some of the different sets frequently used.

Up first is the hallway at Mode Magazine. This set was in every episode and the items on the shelfs lining the walls changed just about every week. In this past Wednesday’s finale, the shelfs were packed with detailed figures that I’m guessing represented real people involved with the show.

The hallway at Mode Magazine

Up next is a shot of one of the offices. Most of the offices went through frequent looks and changed season to season.

Daniel Meade’s Office

The same office from a different season.

Daniel Meade’s desk

Finally, my favorite set was always Wilhelmina Slater’s apartment. As someone who has lived in NYC (the show’s location) I can’t even imagine what the rent would be on an apartment of this size.

Wilhelmina Slater’s dining room (not that “Willy” ever ate)
Wilhelmina Slater’s Livingroom

Thank you to Creating Spaces for the above images. You can see more pictures of the Ugly Betty sets at Creative Spaces by clicking here.

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