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«cocon» armchair

The «cocon» armchair was conceived by Les M (Céline Merhand and Anaïs Morel) and is described as an “armchair for resting which fulfils maximum snuggling up pleasure for extended TV sessions.” Beyond it’s obvious suggliness, I think this chair has real safety benefits for people who frequently fall asleep while sitting in chairs. The enveloping and ultra-soft cocon will keep them from sliding or falling onto the floor.

I didn’t see any information on where to buy «cocon» armchair or if it’s even available but you can see more pictures on super-ette.com.

New Uses For Old Things: Skateboard Lamps

Trying to figure out what to do with all your old skateboard decks? Why not turn them into lamps! That’s what a new company called Skateboard Lamps is doing and the end result is amazing. The lamps are made from three decks joined together with an uplight concealed in the center, which can be dimmed by touching the lower bolts on any of the three decks.

The company sells completed lamps made from new high quality Maple or Bamboo decks with a clear urethane protective coat for $179. If you want to turn your own used decks into a lamp, you can send them to Skateboard Lamps and they will return a finished lamp to you for $99. You can also purchase a lamp kit for $79 to make your own lamp, which might even work with snowboard decks.

For more information, pictures and to buy, check out Skateboard Lamp’s website at www.SkateboardLamps.com.