Façade Vase From Orcadesign

Going green is more than just a buzz word or marketing gimmick. It’s a practice that we should all try integrating into our lives and homes. A simple way of living a greener life is to try finding new uses for used items. Before you throw something into the garbage think if you can use that item as something else. For example, I use the cardboard tubes left over from a roll of paper towels as a container for unused extension cords. They keep the cords neat and untangled plus I can write the length of the cord on the tube.

Here is an interesting product that turns used water bottles into useful flower holders. It’s the Façade vase from Orcadesign. This simple yet ingenious item is made out of industrial wool felt and slips right over a plastic water bottle. Judging by the designer’s web site, the Façade vase is just a concept item right now but anyone with a sewing machine can easily make this on their own. Also, think about creating a larger version to cover wine bottles.

– Jeff

About Jeff McKinney

Creator/Editor of ColumbiaCountyCurrent, Lover of Happy Hour, NY REALTOR, World's Best Uncle, Movie Buff.
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