Two Of Us Productions Presents ‘Cabaret’, Nov 19 – 21


The Two Of Us Productions presents ‘Cabaret’ with three performances this weekend – November 19, 20, and 21. 

At its heart CABARET is a dramatic commentary told through three parallel story lines: the younger couple who are denying reality, the “toast of Mayfair” Fraulein Sally Bowles and the aspiring novelist Cliff Bradshaw from America; a dramatic & gently romantic sub-plot of love denied in the endearing older couple Fraulein Schneider & Herr Schultz; and the social commentary of the Master Of Ceremonies that was played by Joel Grey in the original production & by Alan Cummings in this 1998 version.  The Kit Kat Klub performers that this show is so well known for work with the Master of Ceremonies in commenting on the dark cloud of National Socialism that is engulfing 1930’s Germany & how the gathering storm is impacting the principle characters.  

CABARET features Constance Lopez as the Master of Ceremonies, Betsy Rees as Sally Bowles, Stephen Foust as Cliff Bradshaw, Benita Zahn as Fraulein Schneider, Fred Sirois as Herr Schultz, Brian Yorck as Ernst Ludwig, Andrew Stein as Klub owner Max, and Candace Wood as the always hospitable Fraulein Kost.  CABARET also features a dynamite group of singers & dancers on-stage at The Kit Kat Klub, including Karissa Payson as Helga, Cathy Hunt Wheelock as Frenchie, Debra Tice Hughes as Texas, Lauren Wicks as Rosie, Emily Fuller as Lulu, Fran Martino as Bobby, Matt Leinung as Hans, and Black Schober as Victor.  The Kit Kat Klub orchestra will be on-stage live & in-person, so Sally Bowles really means it when she says “come hear the band!”

In light of the current COVID situation in Columbia County, and in concert with other live venues in this area, in order to attend a performance, audience members are required to: 

  • Show proof-of-vaccination at the door 

  • Wear a mask at all times while within the theater building

DATE/TIME: Friday, November 19 / Saturday, November 20 Sunday, November 21, 2021
Friday and Saturday performances are at 7:30 pm and Sunday matinee is at 3 pm

LOCATION: The Copake Grange
628 Empire Road
Copake, NY

TICKETS: $20 (adults), $15 (students & seniors), $12 (groups & families) 
purchase online, in-person, or by calling (518) 758-1648



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