Berkshire Theatre Group Presents J.P. Prescott’s Traveling Medicine Show

J.P. Prescott’s Traveling Medicine Show arrives at the Berkshire Theatre Group’s Colonial Theatre, this Friday, September 10.

Welcome to J.P. Prescott’s Traveling Medicine Show—a modern take on the old-time traveling tent shows of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Your Master of Ceremonies, Professor J.P. Prescott III, has traveled the globe in search of just the right ingredients to fuse with his patented, pure graded, 100% American rattlesnake oil. Along the way, he has encountered some of the most amazing performers the world has ever known and has assembled them all in one show, for just one night, under one big tent. So find yourself a seat, you are in for a treat. You have made it to the Medicine Show. J.P. Prescott‘s Traveling Medicine Show stars Mike Wartella as J.P. Prescott with performances by: Gina Coleman, The Picky Bastards, Rosebud Red and Opal Raven Cirque of Gypsy Layne, Comedian Juggler Dan Foley, The Magical Comedy of Peter Gross and Serotonin Flow Performance Art. All with the backing of our house band for the evening, the Rev Tor Band.

by Tor Krautter
directed by Mike Wartella
original music by Tor Krautter

The Colonial Theatre’s ‘Outside Under the Tent’ productions are held under an open-air tent in The Colonial Theatre parking lot. Seating is General Admission and based on party size and social distancing protocols.

DATE/TIMEFriday, September 10, 2021 / 7pm

To purchase, visit

LOCATIONThe Colonial Theatre
111 South Street
Pittsfield, MA 01201


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