Celebrate July 4th & Summer w/ Shared Streets in Hudson

To create space for safe, physical distancing, the City of Hudson is extending Shared Summer Streets through the summer.

To create space for safe, physical distancing, the City of Hudson is extending Shared Summer Streets through the summer. The Hudson Shared Summer Streets Program is going to make street space available to businesses, residents, and local organizations in new ways.

Here’s some helpful information:

  • Shared Summer Street Hours
    • Monday-Friday 4pm to 10pm
    • Saturday and Sunday 11am to 10pm
  • During Shared Summer Street hours, Warren Street is open to pedestrians, bicycles and cars, and traffic is calmed to 5mph to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Any parking spot on Warren Street not being used by businesses can be used for parking! Based on the number of applications received, we believe the majority of spaces will remain for parking. Metered parking rules remain in effect.
  • There are also many municipal lots throughout the city available for parking, within walking distance to Warren street. A big thanks from the City of Hudson to Columbia County for making county lots available after 5pm and on weekends during this program. To find out more view the parking guide map.

The roadway space is shared by people walking, biking, and driving at low speeds. These programs generally allow people walking and biking in both directions to use the road, and people driving are expected to yield to them.

Photos by JD Urban

Local Access Only and Shared Street signs are posted at key cross streets to discourage through traffic, but the street remains open for residents of the street, emergency vehicles, deliveries and short-term pick-up. Signs and barriers are intended to be easily understood by all users, with no additional police presence required.

Hudson held a trial weekend from Friday, June 26 – Sunday, June 28. After an evaluation of that weekend, including reviewing a survey of business owners, residents and visitors, the program will continue, with amended conditions.

All photos in this post by JD Urban

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