Hillrock Estate Distillery Open House, Jun 9

In the early 1800’s, New York produced more than half the nation’s Barley and Rye and the Hudson Valley was the country’s breadbasket. With abundant high quality grain, local craft spirits flourished and over 1000 farm distilleries produced Whiskey and Gin reflecting the unique terroir of the region. In the 1930’s, Prohibition forced these distilleries to shut their doors and this wellspring of American spirits was left dry.

Hillrock Estate Distillery is changing this. The mission is to produce the finest hand-crafted spirits made with their own grain, and hand bottled at the Hudson Valley Highlands estate.

On June 9th, Hillrock will celebrate the limited release of a first estate single malt rye whiskey barrel proof. The celebration will include tours of the farm & distillery, tastings, and bottle signing with Master Distiller Dave Pickerell.

Saturday, June 9 2018, from 11am – 4pm

Hillrock Estate Distillery
408 Pooles Hill Road
Ancram, NY



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