OMI Arts Center Exhibit, ‘ReActor’ by Alex Schweder & Ward Shelley

ReActor, 2016, Wood and concrete, 16’x44’x8′

ReActor is part of an experimental, performative series of “social relationship architecture” designed and built by internationally renowned architect-artist duo Alex Schweder and Ward Shelley.

Located in Architecture Omi’s Field 01, ReActor is a habitable sculpture, where Schweder + Shelley will live in full view of Omi’s audience. The 44-foot by 8-foot structure rotates 360-degrees atop a 15-foot concrete column in response to its inhabitants’ movements, exterior forces, and interior conditions, making visible the intimate relationship between architecture and its inhabitants.


ReActor is part of the 2016-17 Architecture Omi exhibition WOOD: From Structure to Enclosure.

Three Day Performance: Friday May 5 – Sunday May 7, 2017

Architecture Omi Field 01
1405 County Rt. 22,
Ghent NY

Free and Open to the public



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