Interesting Article on Brownstoner About Relocating From Brooklyn to Upstate New York

An article on titled, Relocating From Brooklyn to Upstate New York?, offers some tips and advice for Brooklyners considering a move to our area. Although I don’t think West Chester county could be considered “Upstate NY”, there is some good advice for anyone considering a move to Columbia County.

Here are two of the tips, including one from a colleague, and fellow Beach & Bartolo Realtor of mine, Victor Mendolia:

Beware of “unknown costs”: Victor Mendolia, from Beach and Bartolo Real Estate in Chatham, says property taxes Upstate can be surprisingly high. “This is particularly true when there is another layer of municipal government like incorporated villages or cities,” he says.

Use a local buyer’s agent: Young (Gia M. Young, real estate salesperson at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Dobbs Ferry, ) says that a local buyer’s agent is more likely to know property tax assessments and zoning code implications. “The local agents also know each other and have established relationships, which may benefit their buyers,” she says. One place to find them is on Brownstoner Services.

Read the entire article on, and contact me ( if you are considering a move to Columbia County.


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