So Long Hamptons & Hello Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley region has frequently been referred to as the “Hamptons North”, but a recent article in shows that our area is increasingly becoming The destination for vacations and second home purchases.  According to the article, while Average home prices in the Hamptons have fallen, the luxury real-estate market in the Hudson Valley, which is roughly the area stretching north from New York City along the Hudson River to Albany, is accelerating. The article also points out an increase among travelers who are visiting the area to take advantage of our numerous hiking options, and real-life experience trips.

Here’s a section of the BusinessInsider article by Madeline Stone:

Richard Ellis, owner of Ellis Sotheby’s International Realty in Nyack, New York, said he has witnessed a trend of New Yorkers buying property in the Hudson Valley over the last few years. Many vacation-home buyers he has done business with work in finance, have primary residences in downtown Manhattan or Brooklyn, and are in their mid-30s to 50s.

He has even worked with some clients who were specifically looking to trade in their Hamptons home for a quieter spot in the Hudson Valley.

“The lower Hudson Valley is certainly easier to get to than the Hamptons,” Ellis told Business Insider. “People who buy on our side of the river are not ‘keeping up the Joneses,’ so to speak. They’re looking to impress themselves, not others.”

These buyers value the proximity to Manhattan, outdoor activities, and stunning landscape that the Hudson Valley offers.

As a Realtor in the Upper Hudson Valley, I’ve been surprised by the large number of people house hunting in our area over the past few months. It appears as if people are trying to find, and buy homes during the winter, so that they can be ready to enjoy their homes in the nicer weather when it arrives in Spring. Chances are good that we will see an even greater number of people looking to buy in the region as the weather warms up.

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Check out the full article by clicking here.


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Author: Jeff McKinney

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