Anti-Fracking Rally in Albany Today

A diverse coalition of anti-fracking organizations are organizing a rally to send Governor Cuomo a simple message: Don’t Frack New York! At the rally, hundreds of people will take a pledge to take nonviolent action if Cuomo moves forward with his plan to frack New York.

Join author and activist Bill McKibben, filmmaker Josh Fox (Gasland), Sandra Steingraber and other movement leaders. Participants will have a chance to pledge escalating nonviolent resistance to fracking, and to deliver those pledges to Governor Cuomo’s office. 

What: Don’t Frack New York Rally
When: Monday, August 27, 11 a.m.
Where: March begins at Albany Riverfront Park, Albany, New York

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1 Response to Anti-Fracking Rally in Albany Today

  1. Panama says:

    Speakers included Josh Fox, director of the documentary Gasland, and Bill McKibben, creator of the grassroots organization The rally continued to march down the streets and then stopped in West Capitol Park outside of the governor’s office where Sandra Steingraber, a biologist and environmental activist, led the crowd, fists in air, in reciting their pledge of resistance – a moment which Alvery remarked was reminiscent of a civil rights leader from the 1960s.

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