Barrett Organizes Public Meeting on TCI Fire

Remember that toxic fire at TCI in West Ghent last week? If you are anything like me, you do and want to know more about the fire, the lasting effects and what is being done to prevent a similar disaster.

Fortunately, Assembly member, Didi Barrett, hasn’t forgotten the fire either and is doing something to keep this disaster from being swept under the rug. Barrett has organized a public information meeting regarding the TCI fire for next Thursday (August 16, 2012).

Here is some info from the press release issued by Barrett’s office:

Due to the concerns over the possible release of PCBs, dioxins and volatile organic compounds, Assemblywoman Didi Barrett requested the presence of several agencies to participate in the meeting with Columbia County residents.

Barrett says she has heard from several residents expressing their concerns about the aftermath of the fire and what the limited information made available really means.

While farmers struggle with decisions about what produce to sell and families on what to eat from their gardens, Barrett released the following statement, saying, “I do want these agencies to help put people’s fears to rest…A lot of people are still uneasy about the soot, air and the whole situation. I can understand their concerns. I know the first responders did a very good job and the agencies were very responsive…Folks just want their questions answered so they can go on with their lives.”

The meeting is scheduled for next Thursday, August 16 at 6:30 p.m. at the West Ghent Volunteer Fire Department Station on Route 9H.

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