State of Emergency Due to Chemical Fire in Ghent

UPDATE (4:00pm):
Columbia County 911 has stated on its Facebook page that the EPA has tested the air and the quality is normal so the 15 mile radius “advisory zone” has been LIFTED. Keep in mind, however, that the fire is not 100% extinguished yet so it couldn’t hurt to keep your windows closed, as long as you can handle the heat.

A chemical fire at TCI, a transformer recycling company on Falls Industrial Park Road in Ghent, has forced a State of Emergency to be declared in Columbia County for the area surrounding the fire. According to a press release from the Columbia County Emergency Management Office, people within a 15 mile radius of the fire are advised to remain indoors and cancel outdoor activities until further notice because of potential exposure to contaminants from the fire. If possible, pets and livestock should also remain indoors. Air conditioners should be closed to outdoor air until further notice.

Here is more info from the Columbia County 911 Facebook page:

State Health Department officials are conducting air quality tests in the vicinity of the fire. Out of an abundance of caution, please remain indoors and limit outside activity. Anyone experiencing eye irritation, difficulty breathing or cough should seek medical attention. For additional information, contact the Columbia County Health Department at 518-828-3358 ext. 1293.

I live a little more than 20 miles away from TCI and just noticed the scent of burning chemicals in the air inside my house. As a result, I’m closing all windows and doors and suggest you do the same until the fire is extinguished.

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