New York During The Revolution

New York played a key role during the Revolutionary War and the period that led to the founding of our great nation. More battles were fought in our home state than in any other state and New York played an integral role in the political formation of the country. People like Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and George Clinton helped frame and resolve the debates that led to the creation of the United States Constitution and New York City was the new federal government’s first home.

Yesterday, Governor Cuomo unveiled a special Fourth of July exhibit at the State Capitol to highlight New York’s role in the American Revolution. This exhibition marks the first time that Revolutionary War era artifacts from a variety of state historical associations, sites, and museums will be on display together to help commemorate our state’s essential role in our nation’s founding.

Artifacts include portraits of George Washington and Marquis de Lafayette, George Washington’s ceremonial sword, Benedict Arnold’s treason papers, and New York State’s first constitution, in addition to muskets, powder horns, and other artifacts from New Yorkers who fought in the Revolutionary War.

Starting on July 4, these artifacts will be on display on the first floor of the Capitol, where they will remain for the rest of the month. A special exhibit featuring George Washington’s ceremonial sword and Marquis de Lafayette’s pistol will be on display from July 4-6. On July 4, the Capitol will be open from 2:00-8:00 PM.

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