Litchfield Mysterious Object To Remain Mystery

Remember that mysterious object that I told you about two weeks ago? The glowing-green, whale-sized object that fell from the sky in Litchfield, CT?  Well it sounds like that object is going to remain a mystery as Connecticut officials and legislators apparently have no official plans to investigate.

The Litchfield County Times is reporting on the apparent lack of action in investigating this incident. Apparently, one of the eye witnesses who phoned the incident into State Police at the Troop L barracks in Litchfield, did not remain on the scene and has not come forward since making the call. Officials seem to think that without the eye-witness pointing out the splash-down spot on the lake, an investigation would be pointless.

State Sen. Andrew Roraback is quoted in The Litchfield County Times article as saying, “To the best of my knowledge, there are not any ongoing efforts to retrieve whatever it was, and my hope is that this summer scuba divers will take an active interest in trying to solve this mystery.” “We have added this to the list of life’s unanswered questions.”

You can read the entire article by Daniela Forte by clicking here.

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