Local Scams

According to the New Lebanon Quarterly Newsletter, there are two scams currently being run in our area. Here are the descriptions from the newsletter:

(1) There are two men approaching homeowners in a dump truck with stone claiming they can give it to them at a reduced price because it is “left over” from a job. When the homeowner declines, they dump the product anyway and INSIST that they are owed payment. Additionally, one of the men will try to gain entry to the home by claiming to need to use the bathroom or some other excuse. They are very aggressive and intimidating.

PLEASE share this information with friends and family – REMIND your family and friends NOT to allow strangers into their homes and that they should call 911 immediately if someone comes onto their property and will not leave when asked to. Someone cannot come onto your property to do work you have not authorized and then demand payment.

(2) Someone calls a grandparent in the middle of the night and claims they have their grandchild (and refer to them by name) here at the police barracks. They ask you to wire them money to bail them out of jail and get their vehicle out of impound. DO NOT wire any funds. Call 911 immediately. Then make a call to the grandchild or their parents to make sure they are okay. Several people have sent money and unfortunately there is no legal recourse to recover it.

We had a rock truck show up at our house a few summers ago. I don’t know if it was related to this scam but the guy with the truck gave me the same story about having extra rocks because of a job done in the area. He was pushy but didn’t try anything as described in the above warning. Please share this info with friends, family and neighbors in and around the county.


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