L.L.Bean ParkFinder & Million Moment Mission

Screen shot of L.L.Bean ParkFinder

L.L.Bean’s Million Moment Mission is an initiative to donate $1 million to the National Park Foundation. L.L.Bean will donate $1 to the cause for every outdoor moment that people share with them. You can share your story by posting a picture from your trip, tweet from your travel location or through Facebook. To share your story and read other people’s, visit 100.llbean.com/million-moment-mission by clicking here.

Recently, L.L.Bean has made it even easier for people to get outdoors and enjoy our National Parks by launching the L.L.Bean ParkFinder.

“L.L.Bean ParkFinder is a database of all Federal and State Managed Public Lands throughout the United States, complete with directions, seasonal tips and suggested outdoor activities. Whether you’re looking for a scenic lunch spot or planning an overnight camping trip, it can help you find the perfect site for your next adventure. Thanks to the thousands of parks and 20 activities listed – from hiking and fishing locations to camping and bird-watching – you’ll likely find the right combination to enjoy a day outdoors.”

You can check out L.L.Bean ParkFinder now by clicking here.

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