Brooklynites Blessing the Hudson Valley With Hipness

I missed this article on earlier this month but wanted to pass it along to everyone else who may not have read it.

Here is an excerpt:

“”You can’t keep a good creative down,” as the old saying goes. When pushed out of their community by covert gentrification,overt invasion, and other insidiousnesses, good creatives will simply move elsewhere and establish new, even more authentic communities. This is how the Land of NoBro came to pass.

What and where is this magical place called NoBro? As the New York Times suggests, it is, in some ways, a state of mind—a mixture of 1980s SoHo, 1990s East Village, and 2000s Williamsburg, where one can find communion with the universe and like-minded spirits. In the tangible, physical world, however, NoBro is Beacon, N.Y., one of the many towns scattered about the Hudson Valley that has apparently witnessed an influx of migratory Brooklynites in recent years.”

You can read the entire article on Gawker by clicking here.

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