Columbia County News: I’m Stuck In The Middle With You

There is an interesting article on the today written by Hugh Reynolds, the Political Editor. The article details Governor Spitzer’s first “State of Upstate” address delivered on Wednesday, in which Spitzer pledged $1 billion for revitalization efforts in upstate New York. However, apparently Spitzer doesn’t consider Columbia County and the rest of the Hudson Valley as part of Upstate NY.

Following is an exerpt from the article:

“If downstate (New York City and its suburbs) is revitalized, and upstate is in need of assistance, where is the Hudson Valley in this equation?” Bonacic, R-Mount Hope, said in a prepared statement.

Last year, the Business Council of New York gave “upstate” (all 57 counties north of New York City) a collective “F” for economic development. But by Spitzer’s definition, the Hudson Valley is a separate entity and not included in the governor’s proposals for upstate New York.

Bonacic said that needs to be addressed.

You can read the entire article, Hudson Valley not part of Spitzer’s ‘upstate’ by Hugh Reynolds, Political Editor, by clicking here.

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