A New Law For New Lebanon Pet Owners

Dog (and cat) owners are now officially responsible for scooping up after their pets on both public and private lands. Failure to scoop your pet’s poop may result in a fine of $250, which is a pricey poop!

Unfortunately, the law had to be created because dog owners were allowing their dogs to use the field where local little league teams play baseball as a poop park without cleaning up afterward. The poor kids showing up to play ball had to delay games and find shovels to clean up their field before games could get under way.

You might think common sense and decency would have moved a pet owner to pick up after their pet. Sadly, it looks as if that wasn’t the case and now a new law will officially be added to the books to force people to take responsibility for their pets.

About Jeff McKinney

Creator/Editor of ColumbiaCountyCurrent, Lover of Happy Hour, NY REALTOR, World's Best Uncle, Movie Buff.
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