Local Projects To Receive State Grant Funding

Governor Spitzer has announced that two projects in Hudson and one in Stockport will receive over half a million dollars of state grant funds. The money will assist with waterfront revitalization projects, historic preservation efforts, expanding open space, and increasing access to public lands.

From The Independent:

“In total, over half a million dollars will go to:
*$200,000 for the Hudson Opera House. Built in 1855, The Hudson Opera House is New York’s oldest surviving theater. This project will restore much of the exterior of the building, staircase and upper level public lobby.
*$250,000 for the Hudson Area Association Library. The library association will undertake a multi-phased project to stabilize and restore the historic building, constructed in 1818, and address issues relating to health and safety, energy conservation, and protecting and preserving the library’s collections, as well as a reconfiguration of the programming space.
*$100,000 for the Scenic Hudson Land Trust, Inc., which will create a passive recreation park on property located in the Town of Stockport. The park will include a hiking trail, wildlife observation areas, pavilion, and interpretive signage on ecologically sensitive riverfront property abutting the Hudson River.”

I’m thrilled to hear about this as any projects with the goal of revitalizing our historic buildings and giving us more park space are my idea of progress.

Please visit The Independent for the full story.

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