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What A Surprise, Its Snowing

The CW15 weather guy said that today and tomorrow’s snow storms could be the biggest we have had yet this winter. Yikes! I love the snow, its one of the things I love most about living in Columbia County. But after spending several muscle-aching hours removing snow and ice from my roof, even I’m getting sick of seeing it fall.

At least there is a little relief in knowing that we only have three more months of snow-season up here in the mountains. Actually, that’s doesn’t sound too relieving.

Be Careful Out There Today Columbia County

I just had a pants-crapping drive from my home in East Chatham to the Amtrak station in Hudson. After a tense drive that included sliding through an intersection, I missed my train and had to repeat that drive back to the home front. I should have turned around three hours ago when I stepped onto the driveway, slipped, landed on my butt and then flew into a snow bank.

We’re Having a Heat Wave!

One of my least favorite aspects of life in NYC was the summer. We didn’t need a heat wave to make life uncomfortable – all that concrete and glass could easily turn a typical hot day into a sweaty mess, especially if your day began by waiting 10 minutes on a subway platform. Gross.

Even though I’m just a few hours north of the city now, the weather is dynamically different. One thing is for sure, if it’s hotter than hell up here, it must be ungodly hot in the city right now.

So for all my friends sweating in NYC, here’s a little ditty from Marilyn Monroe, Heat Wave!

A Chilly Start To September

Welcome to September 1 and morning temperatures in the 40s for us up here in the hills of northern Columbia County. I sure am glad I risked electrocuting myself by installing a ceiling fan in the bedroom two weeks ago. Oh well, I guess I can always repurpose the fan blades as fire wood.

Here’s my calender for September,

Even the calender looks cold
Even the calender looks cold