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Snow Storm Likely to Cause Event Cancellations

With 1 to 2-feet of snow projected for parts of the area this weekend (January 19 – 20, 2019), chances are good that there are going to be lots of event cancellations. Continue reading

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Columbia County in Pictures: November Blizzard 2016

The surprise blizzard that came through Columbia County on Sunday knocked out power for thousands of residents (myself included) After three days without electricity, the lights finally came back on yesterday evening. Now that I have power and internet back, … Continue reading

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Winter Snow Totals Are The Most On Record

I’ve heard from several life-long residents of Columbia County who have said that they can’t remember a winter with more snow than what we have had this year. It looks like those memories serve them well because the CW15 reported … Continue reading

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Snow From Space!

Don’t worry, this isn’t another new snow phenomenom like Thunder-Snow. It’s an amazing picture of one of our recent snow storms from space.

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What A Surprise, Its Snowing

The CW15 weather guy said that today and tomorrow’s snow storms could be the biggest we have had yet this winter. Yikes! I love the snow, its one of the things I love most about living in Columbia County. But … Continue reading

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