Upstate Art Weekend, Aug 27 – 29

The second edition of UPSTATE ART WEEKEND takes place from August 27-29, 2021, incorporating sixty one sculpture parks, museums, galleries, artists’ studios, residencies, public artworks and creative projects situated either side of the Hudson River between Garrison and Chatham.

This three-day self-directed, accessible event connects tourists and locals alike, with art and the outdoors, celebrating the cultural vibrancy of Upstate New York. The full program can be viewed here and the official map is available here, which was produced in partnership with Chronogram.

“UPSTATE ART WEEKEND is about community, collaboration, art and the outdoors, which are essential to our well-being. We are thrilled the event has grown so much and cannot wait to connect more visitors with the arts in the Hudson Valley”, said Helen Toomer.

Founded in 2020 by Helen Toomer of STONELEAF RETREAT to celebrate the cultural vibrancy of Upstate New York, UPSTATE ART WEEKEND connects people and places, building a community that not only visits for the weekend, but explores the Hudson Valley throughout the year.

DATES: Friday August 27 – Sunday 29, 2021

LOCATIONS: official map available here


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