Window On Hudson Presents Mary McFerran “Suburban Wildlife”, May 2021

Window On Hudson presents Mary McFerran “Suburban Wildlife” on display now through May 31, 2021. Mary McFerran spent the solitude of 2020 earnestly working in her studio, creating numerous multimedia collages on a variety of subjects. In the storefront windows viewers can see “Suburban Wildlife,” a collection of tapestries that reflect on the wildlife she found venturing into her own backyard. The exhibition continues indoors with sketches and additional works on fabric.

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 5.32.20 PM
Felt, assorted textile scraps, plastic, printed fabric, stitching
42″ W x 39″ H

MeFerran explains that the creation of these artworks comes from, “…spending more time in my backyard and local environment after the world was closed by the pandemic. The slowing of our world emboldened local wildlife. Foxes, rabbits, squirrels, snakes, raccoons, and chipmunks visited and were willing to be seen. During this time when we noticed the natural world. I hope this awareness increased our knowledge, respect and appreciation of the animals with which we coexist.”

When describing her artist practice McFerran says, “Liberation survives in my studio. I seek refuge in my work. Especially during the pandemic. I create and break my own rules, connecting and disconnecting fabric remnants and paper scraps. Opposing colors, textures, and themes encourage tension – push and pull. However, some sections coexist instead of merging.

I encourage elements to retain their own identity. My quilts are not traditional, no 3-layer regimen. Inspired by the work of Southern crafters who worked under economic restrictions, I select found scraps and tell stories. Like theirs, my piecing and constructing is grid-like. They were unschooled. I resist my art school lessons, encouraging some pieces to “fall off” the picture plane. I invite real life into my work and exaggerate the artifice of art.”

An Artist’s Reception will be held Saturday, May 8th from 3-5pm. Window On Hudson takes Covid-19 seriously. Front door will remain open at all times. Beverages will be served, and everyone is encouraged to enjoy the drinks and each other’s company outside in small, distanced clusters.

Window On Hudson is two large storefront windows located at 43 South Third Street, in Hudson, NY. The windows are prominently visible 24/7 to all citizens and visitors of the City of Hudson traveling south on NY-9G. Window On Hudson offers storefront window exhibition space for artists of all mediums who are in Hudson and the Hudson Valley. Window On Hudson is committed to providing a platform for established and developing artists to display their work, of all mediums, while also offering professional development opportunities for emerging artists. Window On Hudson exhibits a new artist on a monthly basis. Artists interested in submitting their work may do so by emailing or visiting the website

DATES/TIMES: May 5 – May 31, 2021 / visible 24/7
Artist’s Reception will be held Saturday, May 8th from 3-5pm

LOCATION: 43 South Third Street, Hudson NY 12534

For more info, contact Jeremy Bullis, Artistic Director of Window On Hudson or at 718-788-3987


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