Kianja Strobert: ‘when is brunch’ On View at Art Omi, Mar 20 – May 16

Art Omi presents ‘when is brunch’, an exhibition of sculptures, paintings and objects in-between by Kianja Strobert.

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 3.07.44 PM

Art Omi presents when is brunch, an exhibition of sculptures, paintings and objects in-between by Kianja Strobert.

At first glance the artist presents a world of amusement. Bright colors, expressive marks and textured surfaces leap between objects that rest in haphazard configurations on the wall. In a short amount of time what emerges is a glimpse of an ideology in which material transitions, mark making and form simultaneously suggest the elevated, the quotidian and the utilitarian. Painting is not left to present only a window, but is discussed as a process that participates in the world of production and consumption.

Consumption is represented by multiple symbols; objectified into plates, cups, bread and butter; and hinted at through the use of repetition suggestive of mass production. Repeated images of fingers playing, repeated troughs of paint, repeated lines jumping from the wall into the viewer’s space. In this artist’s work, the raw material, the product, the process, the inspirations, and the goal are presented together on the wall.

Call ahead if you are consider a visit during peak times

Muddy conditions around the region, including in the Sculpture & Architecture Park and parking area. If you’re considering visiting during peak times during the weekend (roughly noon to 3 pm), you are encouraged to call ahead (518-392-4747) for current parking information. As always, parking on CR-22 is prohibited at all times. If you arrive when the lot is full, you will need to return at a later time. 

DATE/TIME: March 20 through May 16, 2021 / 9am – 5pm

LOCATION: Omi International Arts Center
Newmark Gallery
1405 County Route 22
Ghent, NY 12075


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