Window On Hudson Presents Kate Corroon Skakel’s  ‘Negative/Positive’, a Series of Cyanotypes

Window On Hudson presents its second exhibition of 2021 – Kate Corroon Skakel’s  ‘Negative/Positive’, a series of cyanotypes, on view from January 28th – March 1st, 2021. Skakel will be showing several new works in both the windows and indoor gallery space. And, for the first time at Window On Hudson, she will create a new piece on site. This process, or performance, will take place Saturday, February 13th, 2021, at 11am, weather permitting.

Skakel, a multimedia artist, has spent much of the past year in solitary situations, turning inward, contemplating her life and our current way of being. She explains, “I have been creating these cyanotypes throughout quarantine. I position my body onto pieces of fabric and expose myself in the sun for twenty minutes, creating ghostly shadows of my own personage. Although cyanotype is one of the oldest photographic processes, I have intentionally added modern elements to these, my phone and my headphone cord are prominent features. Each position can be viewed as either a yoga pose, or a body in duress. This is intentional, as both have been a prominent part of my time in quarantine. The title of the show, “Negative/Positive,” also references this- am I “happy” (positive)? Or am I “sad” (negative)? I am alluding to the huge dichotomies we have grown used to since quarantine started: no socializing, but constant digital
communication; nothing but time on our hands, but acute and constant stress. It is also a reference to photographic and printmaking processes- the positive is produced by the negative. My feelings, as well as my body, are not entirely understood in these works; I could be your neighbor, your friend, your family member. My body becomes a stand in for all of us in lockdown. After all, we are all alone, together.”

Skakel has exhibited her work up and down the eastern seaboard, as well as in France and Chicago. She is a trained metal worker, fabricator, photographer and printmaker, but is currently fascinated by fiber art. Kate grew up in New England, and has lived in Vermont, Rhode Island, Louisiana and New York. She has participated in the NYC Crit Club, Trestle Gallery’s Critical Feedback Program, Open Wabi Artist Residency, and Studio Faire Artist Residency.

Window On Hudson is two large storefront windows located at 43 South Third Street, in Hudson, NY. The windows are prominently visible 24/7 to all citizens and visitors of the City of Hudson traveling south on NY-9G. To see more of the artist’s work which hangs inside, please make an appointment with the Artistic Director,

DATES/TIMES: January 28 – March 1st, 2021 / visible 24/7

LOCATION: 43 South Third Street, Hudson NY 12534


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