Gov. Cuomo’s Update on Coronavirus Vaccine Eligibility

An email update from the Governor regarding Vaccine Eligibility:Following new guidance from the CDC, New York is now including individuals age 65 and up as eligible to schedule appointments to receive the vaccine. Immunocompromised New Yorkers are also eligible to receive the vaccine. We are working with the CDC on how to best define the immunocompromised category. In the meantime, people who are 65 or older can immediately begin finding vaccination locations near them through New York’s Am I Eligible? tool. But I want to emphasize that New Yorkers should be patient. Today’s change brings the number of eligible New Yorkers to at least 7 million people—and the State receives only 300,000 doses per week from the federal government. That’s a huge gap between the supply and the number of eligible New Yorkers. Hospitals will continue to prioritize hospital workers and other health care workers—as it is critical to get these workers vaccinated to keep our hospital system functioning and able to handle the continued rise in COVID hospitalizations. If you are eligible, please be patient; unless the federal supply increases, it will take time to vaccinate the currently eligible groups. Ever Upward,

Ever Upward,

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

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