750-mile Empire State Trail Now Fully Open

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The completed 750-mile Empire State Trail is now fully open. The trail, which is now the nation’s longest multi-use state trail, provides a safe and scenic pathway for New Yorkers and tourists to experience New York State’s varied landscapes. The entirety of the Empire State Trail runs from New York City through the Hudson and Champlain Valleys to Canada, and from Albany to Buffalo along the Erie Canal.

The Trail welcomes bicyclists and walkers of all ages and abilities to experience the Empire State’s urban centers, village main streets, rural communities, and diverse history, from New York City through the Hudson River Valley, west to Buffalo along the Erie Canal, and north to the Champlain Valley and Adirondacks.

The Columbia County section enters the county at Clermont State Historic Site, and runs along the west, up through Kinderhook, and exiting via North Chatham.

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For more information, including map details, visit https://empiretrail.ny.gov

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