WGXC’s Homeschool Radio Intensive Workshop for Teens

Columbia and Greene Counties’ local radio station, WGXC, is hosting a free, homeschool intensive to teach kids how to produce a radio show.

Artist, teacher, and Wave Farm Fellow Jess Speer will lead this homeschool intensive over the course of two weeks in the fall of 2020. Working both in a large group and in smaller teams, participants will produce a radio project of collective choosing. Participants will have the opportunity to create poetry, sound art, or radio dramas, conduct research and interviews, produce audio in many formats, experiment with form and sound, and get weird, go deep, and listen deeply. The emphasis will be on process and experience rather than a “perfect” final product.

Interested in joining? Contact info@wavefarm.org. The workshop schedule will be designed to best accommodate the schedule of all interested participants.

WGXC Radio 90.7-FM, is a community radio station based in New York’s Columbia and Greene counties. It’s part of Wave Farm, which is a non-profit arts organization driven by experimentation with broadcast media and the airwaves.

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