The Garden Conservancy Open Days, Spencertown Garden, Sep 14

The Garden Conservancy invites you to visit a private garden in Spencertown on Saturday, September 14.

NYCC_Garden of Linda Horn_Prairie dropseed hill_web
The Garden Conservancy invites you to visit the private garden of 
Linda B. Horn, in Spencertown on Saturday, September 14.

“The restoration of my landscape has been the goal for the fifteen years of living here after a move from Chicago. There are four restored ecosystems: wetlands, waterfall, domestic area of native grasses, and woodland. The last section of restoration was started last fall with eliminating dead trees and then new seeding. This year goldenrod was weed-wacked and new trees planted. The landscape was featured in the September 2017 issue of New York Cottages & Gardens with a five-page spread (images are available). Native restoration workshops have been held here through the Columbia Land Conservancy, Spencertown Academy, and Berkshire Botanical Garden”.

GARDEN EXTRA: Linda will be exhibiting a collection of her own prints of native insects, which includes nearly 80 prints created over a 20 year period.

Saturday, September 14, 2019 / 10am – 4pm

Landscape of Linda B. Horn
5015 Crow Hill Road
Spencertown, NY 12037

$10 per person
Children 12 and under are free



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