Earth Day 2019

The original “Green” movement began in the 1970’s, when true environmental  advancements were made — pollution was slowed, lakes and streams were cleaned, air quality was improved, alternative energy development sources utilizing the sun and wind were built.  Unfortunately, nearly 50 years after the first Earth Day our country appears to be regressing, with environmental protections being eased and erased in favor of corporate profits.

Despite the actions of our government, Earth Day continues today and the principles it was founded on seem to be finding more of a following than ever among us citizens. People of all walks of life are making changes in their daily lives to save the planet. 

During the month of April 2019, Earth Day Network is coordinating volunteer cleanups across the US by working with grassroots organizations and community members to clean up green spaces, urban landscapes, and waterways. With cleanup locations in cities across the U.S., the Earth Day 2019 Cleanup will build an army of volunteers and make a tangible impact on waste in our environments.

To find a clean up in your city, visit

For more local happenings, news, and events, follow ColumbiaCountyCurrent on Facebook, and twitter @CoCoCurrent

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