Columbia County Historical Society Lecture, “Tales of the Majestic Hudson: Rare and Little Known Stories of the Hudson River Valley”, Mar 12

The Columbia County Historical Society presents a Free Lecture – “Tales of the Majestic Hudson: Rare and Little Known Stories of the Hudson River Valley” with U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Master Capt. Stanley Wilcox.

The Hudson River Valley begins above Albany and winds south for 150 miles to the New York Harbor, where it flows into the Atlantic Ocean. We know from archeological findings that the Valley has been inhabited for over 10,000 years. During this time prehistoric man, Native Americans, Dutch settlers, British forces, and American revolutionaries all left footprints, stories, and legends in the Hudson Valley.
Many of these stories regarding the Hudson Valley of today have been lost in time. Captain Wilcox brings these stories to us:

● How a glacier transformed the Hudson into an estuary.
● Henry Hudson’s fate following his four voyages of exploration.
● The Dutch system of navigation.
● A Hudson River brick industry with over 130 brickyards.
● Why Rip Van Winkle was a happy man after his 20 year sleep.
● How to get from New York City to Albany in 1800.
● What actually did happen to the Mohicans?
● Who paid for New York City’s world-renowned Eiffel Tower?
● How Mount Merino was named.
● The amazing ice industry.
● What Troy housewife’s invention led to the development of an industry that employed thousands?
● How did two maiden sisters come to be the only civilians buried with full military honors at West Point?
● Whatever possessed Yankee Doodle to stick a feather in his cap and call it, of all things, “macaroni?”
● Capt. Wilcox will share anecdotes and stories about 120 of the Hudson Valley’s communities, islands, lighthouses, power plants, and mansions.

Capt. Stanley Wilcox holds a Coast Guard Master’s license and has served as Senior Captain on the Spirit of Hudson for the past 12 years. He is co-author of Capt Stan’s Hudson River Book, with foreword by Riverkeeper. The book, now in its fourth edition, has stories and history on more than 120 sites along the Hudson River, with 200+ color photos. The Albany Times Union review described it as “..a beautiful book”.
Capt Stan has taught “Hudson River Boating and Seamanship” for many years at Columbia-Greene Community College, and has been guest speaker on American Cruise Lines.

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019: 7pm – 8:30pm

Van Buren Hall
6 Chatham St.,
Kinderhook, NY 12106


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