FREE Lecture: “Oil Tank Safety in Historic Properties”, Jan 26

The Columbia County Historical Society, and Historic Committee for the Town of Kinderhook is holding a free lecture on Oil Tank Safety in Historic Properties.

This lecture will be important to you if your oil tank is more than 15 years old; if you own an historic property, are planning to sell or buy a property; or are thinking of replacing your older tank. There is no way to predict if or when an oil tank will fail. Both aboveground and underground tanks have the potential for a costly environmental condition.
Oil tanks will leak with age or when exposed to the elements. Buried tanks that are not ‘to code’ can present the potential for a costly environmental condition.
Learn what to look for if your tank is a potential candidate for replacement, before it becomes an environmental hazard. Learn how to go about the process of oil tank abandonment if your tank has leaked or is buried. Logical and responsible choices in new oil tanks will also be discussed.
Toni Hokanson, Director of Marketing and Training for C2G Environmental Consultants in New Paltz will explain the life span of oil tanks, options for abandonment or removal as well as new tank options.
Fire Safety is important throughout the year and especially during the winter when fireplaces and wood stoves are in use.
Cailey Nieto, Public Health Technician, with the Columbia County Department of Health, will also make a brief presentation about fire extinguishers and what we should know about them and where to have them filled or checked.

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Saturday, January 26th, 2019: 1:30 – 2:30pm

Martin H. Glynn Municipal Building (Meeting Room)
3211 Church Street,
Valatie, NY 12184



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