The 37th Annual Queechy Lake Boat Parade

After seeing a sign on my way to the Backwater Grill for dinner on Friday night, I was fortunate enough to bear witness to the 37th Annual Queechy Lake Boat Parade in Canaan this past Saturday. While the rainy weather may have caused some of the entrants to back out of the parade, those remaining were showing great spirit, or in one or two instances, just their boat.

In addition to the Independence Day themed boat with flags and a cake, the gaming world was represented by an Angry Birds boat-float, and some recent college grads were celebrating their academic achievements while also keeping an eye out for potential jobs as they traveled down the lake.

While my personal favorite was the boat celebrating the British Monarch’s Diamond Jubilee, complete with Big Ben and quite a few queens, the most impressive boat was decked out jungle-style with a lot of shrubbery and an ape. I suspect the ape may have been partying with the recent grads last night because he seemed a bit sluggish. Or perhaps this was one of the recent grads hard at work at his first job in the real world. Welcome to the jungle, indeed.

The rain and the late start kept me from joining the awards ceremony on the beach, but I think it’s likely that everyone won an award of some type due to the small number of participants. I like it when everyone wins. I definitely can’t wait for the 38th annual parade, and will be looking to make friends with a lake resident over the course of the next year so that I can get in on the action.

The Queechy Lake Boat Parade is organized by the Queechy Lake Club, Inc.

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