A Citiot Comes to Columbia County, Part 5

Hi, I’m Kelly and I’m new to these parts. A Citiot Comes to Columbia County is my ongoing post about making the switch from life in the city to country living.

Making Progress

Yesterday when I went to the tip (that’s the county dump in these parts), a couple with a car full of garbage and recyclables asked me for help.  After I pointed out each station, they thanked me and explained that they have a weekend home in the area and couldn’t remember from when they were here last summer.  I smiled pleasantly, told them to enjoy their summer, and walked back to my car muttering “citiots” under my breath.

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2 Responses to A Citiot Comes to Columbia County, Part 5

  1. Will Pflaum says:

    I have lived in Columbia County for 8 years. Cidiot might seem like an innocent enough term and the idea of a local/transplant divide might seem like a quaint like of local color kind of phenomenon, but there is real viciousness behind the use of the term cidiot and the hostility implied by the idea. Making fun of weekenders is innocent enough, until you remember that there are people around here, not a majority but enough, who actually hate them, although they are the backbone of our economy. In short, the cidiot thing is not all that quaint and no one should be dismissed like that. The term is bad. The problem of irrational, counter productive, economically insane localism is fundamental to the complete dysfuction of local government, as the thieves who run the place count on the chumps who say “cidiot.” In short, I think it’s more serious than you do.

  2. Kelly says:

    I appreciate your comment and position on this, and think its always good to look at where you draw certain lines, including in the realm of humor. The question of what’s funny and what’s offensive can and should be debated by minds far smarter and funnier then mine. The fact is that you can usually find someone to offend, and as much as I’d like to, I know I can’t please everyone. Given also that these posts by and large consist of me making fun of myself, I’m comfortable with my stake in the sand on this one.

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