A Citiot Comes to Columbia County, Part 2

Hi, I’m Kelly and I’m new to these parts. A Citiot Comes to Columbia County is my ongoing post about making the switch from life in the city to country living.

I Don’t Live Where I Think I Live

As soon as I signed the lease on my shiny new home in the country, I scurried back to the city and did what any good citiot would do. I went online and, with lease in hand, updated my address with every bank, credit card, and magazine I could think of. It took three weeks of no mail at my new home and some careful sleuthing for me to discover that I don’t actually live where I thought I did. I don’t even live in the same town or the same zip code. A few months later, I have this mostly resolved. So what did this citiot, who until recently thought you could do everything online and that bricks and mortar post offices were obsolete, learn from this? That the post office is, in fact, the most important place in town. And Steve, who works there, is a gem of a man.

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2 Responses to A Citiot Comes to Columbia County, Part 2

  1. Ann says:

    Don’t even feel bad for a minute! I’m a native, moved away, moved back, bought a house in one of the Chathams, after receiving no mail for god knows how long, figured out our house was somehow in Valatie.

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