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Why I Love The CW15 in The Morning

Overheard the following Thor conversation this morning on the CW 15  (Albany) news:

News Lady: “I don’t get this Thor thing”. 

News Guy: “He is the god of thunder and used to be one of the big Marvel characters with Spider-Man and Captain America”.

Weather Guy: “Was he made out of rocks”?

At that point you could see the look of extreme disappointment in News Guy’s eyes.

The Chatham Press

Chatham Press logo

The Chatham Press is a monthly, tabloid newspaper (11” x 17”) printed on bright, white paper with reporting about the Villages of Chatham, Philmont, Kinderhook, Valatie and New Lebanon.

The Press focuses on features about people, places and things that make our towns economically and socially vibrant – who passed through and who’s active here now.

If you haven’t already picked up the February 2009 edition of The Chatham Press, make sure to grab a copy if you see it around. There is a great two-page spread of “Now & Then” photos featuring pictures of familiar Chatham scenes as they look today as compared to the 20’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.


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