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My Country Home: Dining Area

I have an obsession with rearranging rooms. In an effort to chronicle and hopefully curb this obsession, I’m going to post pics of my rooms after every shuffle.

Here is how the dining area of the kitchen currently looks:

Close up shot

The chandelier is from Ikea but the shades are from Crate & Barrel and costs way, way more than the chandelier itself. The three items on the buffet are all from Pier 1 but purchased at different times over the span of several years. The vase was a gift from a friend who had no idea that it would perfectly match the other items. The buffet and table base are from a great antique shop in Hudson, NY.

My Country Home: The Study

We are slowly but surely getting the study in order here at our new house. Eventually, this room will have a corner lined in book shelves and lots of heavy wood and leather chairs. For now, I’ve got my home office set up with a fire going and I just looked out the window to see that it’s snowing … again. It has been about four days since the last heavy snowfall so I guess I should have expected it. Thank god I bought a case of wine.

I’m not sure if you can see the snow in this picture but this is the view from my desk here in the study.

Uh-oh, I better throw another log on the fire.

– Jeff

Our Country Home: Dining Area Before & After

As I’ve mentioned here before, the better half and I recently purchased our first home. Our house, BeachWood, was a flip and while the sellers did a great job gutting and modernizing the house, it was way too white and bland for us. Its been a little over a month since we moved in and the makeover is coming along great. Following is the first in a series as we go about turning this house into our home.

Dining Area Before:

Dining Area After:

The layout of our house consists of a large open floor plan so we decided to create separate areas within the large room. The dining area is actually 1/3 of the entire room.

We still need to add a rug under the table and a large plant in the corner to truly finish the area. Following is a picture taken without the flash to give you a better sense of what the area looks like at night.

Up next – the Living Area!

– Jeff