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Survive Zombie Infestation w/ Map of The Dead

Power outages during storms are fairly common in our corner of Columbia County but today’s outage, on a clear day, instantly brought out the alarmist in me. My first thought, naturally, was that the zombie infestation had begun. One of the benefits of our underpopulated spot in Columbia County is that we are in a good position to ride out the Zombie infestation. However, we might have to journey out for supplies like booze or medicine, which is why this interactive map is so handy.

Map of the Dead – Zombie Survival Map uses Google Maps to point out some possibly life-saving services in your area. Just enter your location and the map will show you where the nearest hospital, hardware store, army location and beer distributor are located. You can also find out where the Zombie Danger Zones are so that you can plan your recon trip accordingly.

Check out Map of the Dead now to find out if you are in a danger zone and to plan your safe routes.

Kylie Minogue Inspired Kinect for Xbox

Check out this Kylie Minogue inspired Kinect.

This Swarovski crystal-studded Kinect was designed by PlayBling in conjunction with Kylie Minogue’s European tour, which started last month. The Kylie Kinect is valued at $1,242 and although you can’t buy one, you can win one by submitting a video of yourself dancing to Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” in the game Dance Central.

I’m still not entirely sure how you submit your video or if this is contest is even open for non-European countries. What I do know, is that I’ll be rehearsing with Dance Central in anticipation of a similar US contest when Kylie’s tour arrives on our shores later this spring.

Clever: Puma Glow Rider Bike

This glow-in-the-dark bike seems like such an obvious idea that I can’t believe it has never been done before.

The bike, when released this Spring, will be part of Puma’s Urban Mobility line, which are athletic products and programs geared toward city slickers. The Glow Rider’s steel frame is coated in glowing paint that charges during the day and glows when the sun goes down. The bike has also been designed to partially fold – making it easier for apartment dwellers in walk-ups – and includes an innovative, built-in lock system for locking outdoors. No word yet on the price but rumors have it starting at over $1600.

– Jeff

Light Emitting Wallpaper

Wallpaper has come a long way in recent years. Once considered by many to be a decorating don’t this paint alternative has become a real designer do. Check out this Light Emitting Wallpaper that, when switched on, creates stunning moving works of art made out of lights embedded in the paper itself. When off, the walls look as if they are covered in plain wallpaper.

This illuminating product was created by Dutch designer Jonas Samson. Unfortunately, we don’t have any details such as price and availability because it is still just a concept.