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Survive Zombie Infestation w/ Map of The Dead

Power outages during storms are fairly common in our corner of Columbia County but today’s outage, on a clear day, instantly brought out the alarmist in me. My first thought, naturally, was that the zombie infestation had begun. One of the benefits of our underpopulated spot in Columbia County is that we are in a good position to ride out the Zombie infestation. However, we might have to journey out for supplies like booze or medicine, which is why this interactive map is so handy.

Map of the Dead – Zombie Survival Map uses Google Maps to point out some possibly life-saving services in your area. Just enter your location and the map will show you where the nearest hospital, hardware store, army location and beer distributor are located. You can also find out where the Zombie Danger Zones are so that you can plan your recon trip accordingly.

Check out Map of the Dead now to find out if you are in a danger zone and to plan your safe routes.

Red Cross Disaster Preparedness @ New Lebanon Library

Tomorrow night (April 4, 2012) at the New Lebanon Library – Red Cross Disaster Preparedness and Citizen’s CPR

Disaster Preparedness teaches simple and effective steps people can take to protect themselves and loved ones during emergencies. When disasters strike, there isn’t always much time to respond, so it is important to be ready. Participants will learn to build an emergency preparedness kit, make a plan and stay informed.

Citizen CPR is a brief, non-certificate program teaching hands only CPR. It teaches easy and effective compressions which could improve the chances of saving a life. The mission of the Citizen CPR Foundation is to save lives from sudden death by stimulating citizen and community action.

This program is free and open to the public.
Please call 518-794-8844 or email leb@taconic.net to sign up.

WHEN:     Wednesday, April 4th
TIME:        6:30 – 7:30 PM
WHERE:  New Lebanon Library (550 State Route 20, New Lebanon)
Phone: 518-794-8844
Email: leb@taconic.net