Berkshire Thrift’s 3rd Annual “FREE SALE”, Jun 26 & 27

Berkshire Thrift’s Annual “Free Sale” is this weekend, Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th.

Berkshire Thrift’s Annual “Free Sale” is this weekend, Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th.

What is a “Free Sale” you ask? Here’s the answer from Berkshire Thrift: “Well, as a donation-based thrift store, we get more donations then we can possibly sell. So, we store many items for a while, until we have a ton of extra stuff, and then we give it away!!! Many of our extra items go to shelters and other nonprofits, but we still end up having a ton of extra stuff. And, since we are a recycle/upcycle, environmentally minded company, calling ourselves “The Halfway House For Stuff”, we throw away very little as most of what we receive in donation is still good stuff. We believe that much of our waste in this world could actually be reused, and we do our best to further that mindset. “Saving the planet, one piece of junk at a time!”

So, if you are in need of dishes, home décor, furniture (both free and super cheap in our store), stuff for art projects, kids toys (we have LOTS of good kids toys and clothes!), misc. electronics (may or may not work), clothes or linens, housewares and so much more, then please come to this event!!

– Bring bags or boxes – we do not have boxes and our totes are not for free, we need them to store future items for future Free Sales. Please be honest and do not take them!
– ALL free items will be out on our lawn. Our store will be open with amazing deals as well, but items in the store are NOT free!!
– Don’t take more than fair!!! This is to help people, not give it away so it can be resold.
– Starts at 10AM – NO early birds!!! It’s not fair to others
– Parking is minimum – So be polite in how you park, carpool if you can. we will have people helping to direct traffic
– Fighting over items is NOT tolerated!! Be polite or you will be asked to leave.
– Oh, and if you read this far…..come into the store, say “I want to help save the planet” when you get to the counter, and get 20% off your whole purchase!

DATE/TIME: Saturday, June 26 & Sunday, June 27th / 10am – 5 (no early birds)

LOCATION: Berkshire Thrift
435 US 20
New Lebanon, NY 12125


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